Uncharted is a boutique communications agency that works hand-in-hand with our clients to authentically engage their audiences -- both online and IRL.

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Jon Vidar

Founder & CEO

Jon is the founder and digital strategist behind all of the projects that come out of Uncharted Digital. Jon has extensive background in the nonprofit sector. As the Cofounder of The Tiziano Project, he is intricately familiar with storytelling, community engagement and the needs of nonprofit organizations.

For five years, Jon also served as the Emerging Technology Specialist for the University of Southern California Libraries, where he received an M.A. in Communication Management and is currently an Adjunct Professor teaching graduate level courses on New Media Journalism.

Grant Kindrick

Grant Kindrick

Art Director

Grant is an interactive designer specializing in user interface design for high-traffic, content-rich websites and iOS apps that strike a balance between beauty and usability. With more than 10 years of experience, strong attention to detail is evident in his designs, as is an emphasis on creating clean, appealing, and functional interfaces that comply with the latest web standards.

Sarah Lowe

Sarah Lowe

Creative Strategist

Sarah is a creative strategist with over a decade's experience developing interactive products. Her expertise lies in leveraging market trends to create compelling transmedia experiences that strengthen brand affinity and drive audience growth.

As a lead producer for Disney Interactive, Sarah developed cross-platform technology with Nintendo, co-wrote television commercials for Disney Channel, and created the brand Friend for Change, The Walt Disney Company's first corporate citizenship campaign for kids and families. She is a published writer and holds a master's degree in Fiction from the University of Southern California.


HTML5. Optimized.

StoriesFrom was built with tablets in mind -- when added to the homescreen on your iPad, the web application becomes a fullscreen HTML5 app. We like to say that the platform was actually built for the iPad and optimized for the web.


Power to the People

StoriesFrom provides individuals and organizations with a platform to easily create powerful community-based storytelling projects. Viewers can then easily talk to local content producers using Facebook.


Robust CMS

StoriesFrom was built upon a highly customized Drupal instance as the Content Management System. The platform allows for individuals to manage projects, create and assign user roles, and maintain control through built-in publishing queues.

Learing from images

Learning from images

The Aftermath Project website is more that just a collection of their past grantee's work. It is a resource to learn from. That's why we have integrated lesson plans into many of the project profile pages, so that teachers around the world can easily bring these images into their classrooms.

HTML5, meet AJAX

HTML5, meet AJAX

The site is built using the most recent advances in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. A single page experience allows viewers to navigate through the immense amount of material without constantly being hit with page reloads. Instead, the content seamlessy refreshes with a subtle fade transition.

Join the conversation

Join the conversation

True impact of the Aftermath Project will be felt when their work begins to have an effect on the global conversation. We wanted to spark this conversation now by allowing users to contribute their own stories, images and art to a virtual volume of the Aftermath Project book.


Digital Strategy

When Chris Paine, Director of "Who Killed The Electric Car", and activist John Quigley approached us with the idea of creating an online experience that countered industry spin around energy disasters, we knew it had to be cool. What we created takes an expansive amount of information and makes it easily consumable by mainstream audiences. The site intentionally feels more like you are navigating a video game than an archive of the worst man-made disasters of our time.


Editorial Creation

For this project we assembled a full editorial team to develop and populate the content for the site. Our background in journalism makes us the perfect team to develop content rich websites from the ground up.


Alternative marketing

We also oversaw the development of alternative media campaigns for reaching larger audiences. "I Know What You Spilled Last Summer" launched on the one year anniversary of the BP Oil Spill and kicked off Counterspill.org with front page coverage on The Huffington Post.

Choose your own adventure


LandofOpportunity is an experimental web platform that explores post-crisis community (re)building in America. We built an interactive video player that merges compelling multimedia storytelling with curated data, research, and calls-to-action in one collaborative space.

Responses and Rebuilding Compared

Responses and Rebuilding Compared

The innovative platform features an interactive timeline that allow users to explore and compare layered narratives about the people and processes that are shaping our increasingly vulnerable landscapes. Partners can create and curate their own multi-layer stories and strategically deploy them to increase engagement and affect change locally and nationally.

Communities Collaborating

Communities Collaborating

Groups and individuals can collaborate with partners working in different communities, thus creating a foundation for communication and knowledge-sharing across places, issues, and sectors.